A little bit about me

Hi! My name is Ross, although SUSU requires that I use my full name for the election.. so actually I’m Rostislavs 😅

I became a course representative because I cared about what my peers said; I sympathized with their concerns; and I wanted to raise every issue to our department to see them being addressed. Us working together meant that we saw our department become shaped by the students.. and I would love nothing more but to expand this beyond my course, beyond my cohort, for the entire student body.

SUSU exists to listen, understand, and communicate student needs and concerns. Your representitives should have YOUR values at heart, and not anyone else's.

Address the communication divide between the students, the union, and the university with earnest representation and understanding.

Heart-to-heart representation realigning what the students say and what SUSU implement. Resources will be allocated towards services and developments which directly enhance student wellbeing and inclusion - services which the students would have asked for themselves. I will work to conciliate the dynamic between SUSU and the university, bolstering the idea that both bodies should be working together.


Challenge and develop effectiveness of enabling services FOR student welfare, for everyone.

I know that many students have (and continue to) receive incredible support from the university's enabling services - services which I know so many are grateful for. Nethertheless, the pandemic has highlighted that a significant number of people have not felt like their service supported them. I am optimistic that these cases occur not for lack of caring from the university, but for larger systematic and organisational issues. I will listen to these students; I will work alongside the university and enabling services to address these concerns.


Promote, revitalize, and encourage awareness regarding mental and physical wellbeing for all students and staff

Continue to raise awareness for mental and physical health by working with SUSU to encourage mindful thinking and an active lifestyle. I realise that many may dismiss 'mindfullness' as a buzzword, so I aim to place the focus DIRECTLY on providing coherent advice for the students and departments. Working with Sports and Wellbeing, in the optimistic scenario that we will be able to return to normality by next academic year, we will continue to encourage and promote activities to boost the mental health and happiness of students.


Collaborate with represenational societies in the development and promotion of cultural events and inclusion initiatives.

There are no better people to speak up about concerning issues than the members and committees of the societies which represent them. I will ask for direct influence from you when planning cultural awareness events such as black history and LGBTQ+ history months; when raising further awareness for neurodivergence; and when representing all. Most importantly, I will always have my door open for anyone.. I will hear, understand, and take action against any inclusion concerns throughout student body, encouraging other officers and the university to follow.


Sincerely and transparently prioritise students' needs/concerns within decision-making processes.

You will hear many students talk about the current divide between them, the union, and the university. I believe that the disconnect stems from the lack of earnest and down-to-earth communication. If elected, I will do everything to bring SUSU closer to the core needs of students, and I will lobby for the university to do the same. SUSU needs to lower itself to hear the core concerns and suggestions of students, while also striving to work (not against) the university whenever possible.


Get involved!


The SUSU voting period is from Monday 15th February until the 3rd March. You get to choose who represents you within the union. Who that should be isn't for me to say, but if you agree with what I am saying, I promise to not back down should I be elected 😊

Get in touch!

I'd love to hear from you - the best way to contact me is through my University email: rp1g20@soton.ac.uk

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